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The Others


These are some other minor characters who are very important in the story. Without them, the story won't flow so well. Some of them are good characters, and some others are bad characters. And yes, these are CCTV's new version of them (in alphabetical order).


Jiang Nan Seven Weirdoes

Seven masters from Jiang Nan. They have a deal with Chiu Chu Chi from Zhuan Qen Sect. They have to find one of Yang's or Guo's child, and then teach them kungfu. Who is the best among them, then the sifu is the winner. Their martial arts skills are not so good. So, I think that Yang Kang who is Chiu Chu Chi's disciple will be better than Guo Jing, and the priest will come out as the winner. However, they have a very good nobleness. They teach Guo Jing with that nobleness and so proud of him. Although they also feel disappointed because of his stupidity.

Jiang Nan Seven Weirdoes here were amazing. They had an excellent performance. They looked really nice in that weird clothes and make-up. Two thumbs-up! But..., the only one whom I most paid attention to is Khe Zhen E. He looked younger than the old one whom I saw in TVB 83's ROCH. Anyway, he was still good.


Mei Chao Feng (played by Yang Liping)

She is one of Huang Yao Shi's disciples who has been out of Peach Blossom Island. She was blinded by Khe Zhen E's secret needle. Her best kungfu is The White Bones Claw of Jiu Yin Chen Ching. A very scary kungfu which can absorb people with no remainder. Yang Kang is her disciple, so he can master The Bones Claw too. She lost her husband in the desert of Mongolia, he was accidentally killed by Guo Jing. She also has a deep revenge on Jiang Nan Seven Weirdoes. I don't know how to explain her character. She is very cruel, yet a very sad character. Lost her husband, bilnd, kicked out of Peach Blossom Island. I can't imagine that.

Hmm....what a pretty and sexy Mei Chao Feng!! She should be scary, right? By the way, Yang Liping, the actress who played Mei Chao Feng is a Peacock Dancer. So, she practiced that Bones Claw on her way. I could see a new way of Bones Claw which looked very beautiful. A scary kungfu in a beautiful way? Imagine that!! Despite Yang Liping's looks wasn't so scary, but I have to admit her acting skill here. I love her. Oh...wait, before I forget I want to say that I really love the background music everytime she appeared. Heard so sad and nice. They have composed a good instrumental for her.


Ou Yang Ke (played by Xiu Qing)

He is Ou Yang Feng's nephew. I hate his character, he is crazy about women!! I can't find the reason why he seriously falls in love with Huang Rong. Nevertheless, he still molests another girls. His character is so disgusting! I just can't stand of it.

More over, I don't like the actor who played this role. Maybe he has pushed all of his acting skills, but still he didn't amaze me. Like the actor who played Ou Yang Feng, his face character wasn't suitable for his role. According to me, he isn't handsome at all!!! Uh..., why do I hate the actors who played Ou Yang family? Not because I hate Ou Yang family, but really....they shouldn't do these roles. TVB 94's Ou Yang Ke is better, he was so handsome and had a good charisma. Okey, I won't disparage his acting.


The Seven Disciples of Quan Zhen Sect

Actually, I can't mention a lot of things about them. Okey, let's try... They are disciples of Wang Chong Yang, each of them has a sword as the weapon. Their best kungfu is The Seven Stars Formation (sorry if the English name is wrong, because I don't know how to say it in English). They are very wise persons. Even they had a nice performance in this series, but I've lost my impression of them because of their minor performances.


Wang Yan Hong Lie

The prince of Jin Empire, deeply falls in love with Bao Xi Ruo. Definitely my favorite bad character. A loyal man who is willing to raise a son who is not his own. That's what I like from him. His loyalty to Bao Xi Ruo has amazed me, although he shouldn't do that. His big ambition is to conquer the world (Tian Xia = China). He does anything to reach the aim. One of his effort is stealing the Wu Mu Manual in the Palace of Song Empire. He has seven subordinates, include Ou Yang Feng, to help him.

I like this CCTV's Wang Yan Hong Lie. I think he is suitable to be a prince, he has charisma. Very good....I just have these two words to express my satisfaction.


Zhou Bo Tong (played by Zhao Leung)

Now, talk about Zhou Bo Tong. Such a marvelous character! How could an old man be so childish just like that way? Can you imagine how old is he? Anyway, he has a great kungfu after learned for years in the cave of Peach Blossom Island. His popular kungfu is the "right hand fights left hand". It's a silly kungfu. He and Guo Jing become sworn brothers. Later, although has prohibited by Wang Chong Yang, he masters Jiu Yin Chen Ching accidentally.

The actor has done a superb job! He made me laugh out loud. I love his acting. I feel very satisfy!! No doubt, he was better than TVB 94's Zhou Bo Tong. But he couldn't be better than TVB 83's version. He was good as TVB 83's Zhou Bo Tong.




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