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Hi, visitors!! Welcome to my personal English site of Legend of The Condor Heroes 2003!!

Legend of The Condor Heroes 2003, or let's say...LOCH 2003 which produced by CCTV is one of my all-time favorite Jin Yong's adaptations. It's also one of the successful serials in Asia, isn't it? Before this, I have watched TVB 94's LOCH starred by Julian Cheung and Athena Chu. It left a deep impression on my mind when I watched it some years ago. But then, I watched LOCH 2003 which I watched a year ago was felt  very different!! This series totally has a wuxia atmosphere. Great actors and actresses, great kungfu choreography, marvelous real sceneries, nice musics, and others good aspects.

For you who are fans of TVB 83's versions....I have to admit that I never watched this one. Quite stupid, right? Sorry for those fans out there. But if you are a real wuxia fan, you'll like this one. Even you are still stuck on TVB 83's version.

Now you're in my site. Enjoy what I have this far, I will update some things later. For you who have reviews on any versions of LOCH, fan-fiction, informations, or anything regarding this site, then send them to me by e-mail to:

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