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The Five Greats


They are the real legend! They are seniors of the pugilistic world who have existed for 20 years. They fight each other on the top of Huashan for Jiu Yin Chen Ching, and of course..want to be the number one. They have their own high skills, also personality. Well, I paid a lot of attention to this CCTV's version of Five Greats. Glad to saw them again in a different ways. Here you are, each of them in the new version (in alphabetical order).


Hong Qi Gong - The North Beggar (played by Sun Hai Ying)

The leader of Gaibang Sect. Also wellknown as The God of Beggar with 9 Fingers. His famous kungfu is 18 Dragon Palms. He is very funny, loves to eat, and always comes and goes as he pleases. Teaches someone some movements in three days is his habit. Hong Qi Gong is a wise hero among the Five Greats. Actually, he never wants to have a disciple, but Huang Rong urges him over and over until she and Guo Jing become his disciples. Hong Qi Gong teaches Guo Jing his 18 Dragon Palms, and teaches Huang Rong his best kungfu signifies the leadership of Gaibang Sect. He is injured by Ou Yang Feng, so he hands over the Gaibang's leadership to her.

If I'm not wrong, Sun Hai Ying is the actor who played Tian Bo Goang in XAJH 2001. Well, I think that he wasn't suitable to be Tian Bo Goang. Too old!! But, he was great as Hong Qi Gong. Not bad, although some people said that he's rather annoying. In my opinion, he was pretty good. Despite his face is not as funny as TVB 94's Hong Qi Gong.


Huang Yao Shi - The East Evil (played by Cao Pei Chang)

   The master of Peach Blossom Island. His sobriquet is just suitable to his weird personality. He never wants to be controlled by any rules, and he has his own. His weapon is a flute. Once he blows his flute with inner energy, then people around him will be deaf and mute. All of his servants are deaf and mute. His disciples are also physically handicapped after he kicked them out of Peach Blossom Island. Except Mei Chao Feng, she was blinded by Khe Zhen E's secret needle. He lost his beloved wife after bore Huang Rong, caused by Jiu Yin Chen Ching. So, he intends to make that manual disappear.

Honestly, I really love this Huang Yao Shi. I know he is lack charisma, unlike the actor who played this role in TVB 83's version who is people always talked about. But he was definitely better than TVB 94's version, he was too young. Cao Pei Chang is also suitable to be Huang Rong's father. He amazed me. Just great!


yi Deng Da Shi - The South Emperor (played by Zhang Guo Li)

He used to be the king of Dali Empire. Because of his problem with Zhou Bo Tong and his concubine Ying Ku, he turns to be a monk. His inner energy is wellknown as one of the best. He has four disciples who protect him in his hidding place. They are a fisherman, a carpenter, a farmer, and a student. I think that he is the only one who has a good personality among The Five Greats, at least after 20 years and he became a monk.

People think that the actor who played this role is too young. Well, I do think so. Unlike the old version when I saw him in TVB 83's ROCH. The old one was better. Anyway, the actor has done a very good job. I feel quite satisfy.


Ou Yang Feng - The West Poison (played by You Yong)

The master of Bai Thuo Shan, a very ambitious man. His huge absession is just on Jiu Yin Chen Ching which he thinks can bring him to the top of pugilistic world. He always kills people with his dangerous poison. He has a nephew named Ou Yang Ke, who is actually his illicit son. The most wicked person of all Five Greats. He urges Huang Rong and Guo Jing to teach him the contents of Jiu Yin Chen Ching. Unfortunately, someone whom he urges is Huang Rong! Take a note please, Huang Rong is very smart and sly. She doesn't teach Ou Yang Feng the real contents, but she has changed some parts. So, when he learns it he gets confuse. And then, he becomes crazy.

I feel a little bit disappointed with the actor who played Ou Yang Feng. His face lacks cruelty. I prefer TVB 94's version to him. Even he has a good acting, but I think he shouldn't be Ou Yang Feng. Oh, it's just my personal opinion.


Wang Chong Yang - The Central Divine (played by Zhang Ji Zhong)

Finally, the last. Wang Chong Yang used to be the leader of Zhuan Qen Sect. I can't mention many things about him. He was the winner 20 years ago on the top of Huashan, anf got the Jiu Yin Chen Ching. Because of that manual, he died. And before his death, he instructed all of the Zhuan Qen's disciples no to learn Jiu Yin Chen Ching, also his younger brother Zhou Bo Tong.




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