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The Story


I think that all af wuxia fans have known about the storyline. It's one of popular wuxia stories all this time. So, in this section I won't so far about the story. This is my summary.

Jin Yong put the history on his Condor Trilogy stories. And of course, we can see it clearly here in the first story of the Condor Trilogy, She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan.

Two male main characters, Guo Jing and Yang Kang have conflicts in their heart. Each of them has a love and country conflicts. Guo Jing, grows up in Mongolia as a man of Song Dynasty. When he goes to Jiang Nan, he meets Huang Rong. A smart and beautiful girl who becomes his soulmate later. Don't know how, then he forgets about Hua Zheng, a Mongolian girl who is his fiancee. Guo Jing and Huang Rong have to face a lot of hindrances, especially Huang Rong's father who doesn't really like him at the first time.

After traveled around the pugilistic world, Guo Jing must go back to the desert of Mongolia. Genghis Khan reminds him about his engagement with Hua Zheng which makes him so concerned. Genghis Khan also plan to attack Song Dynasty, and Guo Jing just can't accept that. He prefer leaving the desert of Mongolia to betray his country. Because of this, he has to lose his mother too.

Yang Kang, Guo Jing's sworn brother, was born as a man of Song Dynasty. But he grows up in the palace of Wang Yan Hong Lie, the Prince of Jin Dyanasty. After recognized his real father Yang Tie Xin, and knew that he is not the Young Prince of Jin Dynasty, he doesn't want to accept that. He still stays beside Wang Yan Hong Lie as his son. This bad attitute of Yang Kang, makes his lover Mu Nian Ci, feels disappointed. She always reminds him that he is not a man of Jin Dynasty, and that Yang Tie Xin is his real father. But he never cares about that. He also cheat her every time.

Besides the story of countries, She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan also talks about the pugilistic world. There are a lot of great pugilists here. The most famous are the Five Great. They are Huang Yao Shi (The East Evil), Hong Qi Gong (The North Beggar), Ou Yang Feng (The West Poison), I-Teng Da Shi (The South Emperor), and Wang Chong Yang (The Center Divine). I have to say that Guo Jing is one of the great pugilists there.

There is a pugilistic world, always there's something to be taken by force. It's Jiu Yin Chen Ching, the best martial art manual which contains highest skills. Everyone wants it, but the one who gets is Guo Jing. A man who really don't care about that. He learns it accidentally.

However, wuxia stories are still wuxia stories. Most of them finish with a happy end. All of the enemies are lost, and lovers can be together without any hindrances anymore.




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