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Poems and Songs


"Asking the world what love is makes people always praise it forever and ever"

    (Louis Cha / Jin Yong)



What a beautiful words!!! I found them beside Guo Jing and Huang Rong's picture from a tabloid. Maybe they want to express their love. I don't know whether this poem related to LOCH or not, but I really think that it's a nice poem.

Oh..., does anybody know the poem between Zhou Bo Tong and Ying Ku? I can't clearly remember the words which Ying Ku said in the series. Well, I don't have the novel here and I never read it. My comics collection are even not complete. So, for you visitors who know the poem, please CONTACT ME !

And talk about the themesongs, I have to say that they are awsome themesongs!! The opening theme is suitable for the story. It has a heroic spirit, good hard beat, and Er Hu could sing it well with his husky voice.

The ending theme is the best themesong I've ever heard!! Very pop, yet still has a classic tones. I love the flute tones in the beginning and ending parts. It sung by Sun Nan and Valen Hsu (a popular female singer from Taiwan). More and more I heard the themesongs, the lyrics sound like poems for me, although I don't understand Chinese.

And, here are the lyrics for both of them.


"Tian Di Dou Zai Wo Xin Zhong"

                                                                               (Sung by Er Hu)


Qian qiu ba ye bai zhan cheng gong

bian sheng si qi chang da feng

yi ma ben ten she diao ying xiong

tian di dou zai wo xin zhong


Huang sha lu wan li

guan shan yue meng long

ji mo gao shou yi shi ju wu zong

zhen qing shui yu gong

sheng si ke xiang zong

da shi lin tou xiang qian chong

kai xin xiong


Yi ma ben ten she diao ying xiong

tian di dou zai wo xin zhong



"Zhen Qing Zhen Mei"

(Sung by Sun Nan and Valen Hsu)


Zhen qing zhen mei

zhi ru yi chi chun shui

feng chui dian dian lian yi

gan shou xi zhi ru wui


Chi qing wu zui

fu chu mei you bu dui

jiu suan yi sheng yi shi

cong ci xiang yi xiang wei


Bu bi zai hu shi shui

fan zhuan shi shi fei fei

ba jian zhan zuo bai zhi

xie shang wu yuan wu hui


Wo men dou yuan yi gei

zhi yao ai de chun cui

jiu suan you ku you lei

wo men yi qi qu bei


Ai shi duo me ke gui

gui zai you suo zuo wei

zhi yao tong qu tong gui

cheng bai ye wu suo wei  (*repeat)




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