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Legend of The Condor Heroes

(TVB 94)


It's about LOCH 94. Uh..., it has been a long time since I watched that TVB 94's version. I was in elementary school, and now I've grown up so well. I tried so hard to remember anything about this version. Okey, let's start!


Julian Cheung as Guo Jing

Athena Chu as Huang Rong

Gallen Lo as Yang Kang

Emily Kwan as Mu Nian Ci


As far as I remember, Julian Cheung had a quite good performance here. His face character could express how green Guo Jing is, even not so stupid or dumb. Over and over I looked his face, it was felt like.....Julian was looked more handsome than stupid for me. And it watsed all of Guo Jing's stupid expression from him. Julian had made a very green Guo Jing, but he had lost "the stupid looks".

Athena Chu was good as Huang Rong. She was great in her own way. She really had a good acting, and her face character could portray how clever Huang Rong is. She had the same problem with Julian, she had lost "the spoiled and naughty looks". She looked older than Huang Rong should be. I don't know why, but she looked more mature. Don't you think?

Gallen Lo as Yang Kang was rather disappointing. He was too old to be Yang Kang. Yang Kang is 18 or 19 years old, and Gallen portrayed him like he was 20 or 25. However, the good side of Gallen was he could express that cunning or something. He looked like a real wicked guy that I wanted to slap him! Wrong choice, yet good enough.

Emily Kwan was pretty good. I loved her face expression, so sad. She was suitable to be Mu Nian Ci. She had that good acting skills and did a superb job. Not disappointing at all.

The minor characters who really memorable were Ou Yang Feng, Hong Qi Gong, Chiu Chu Chi, and Khe Zhen E. I can't forget them until now. The actor who played Ou Yang Feng amazed me with his cruelty on his face. He had made me believe that he was a wicked man with a huge ambition in his heart. I loved him. Hong Qi Gong was pretty good. I liked his face character, very funny. Chiu Chu Chi was good too. He could portray an emotional person with regret surrounded his heart. Ans the actor who brought Khe Zhen E's role was the same with TVB 83's version. He had a marvelous performance. And you know who was the worst minor character? It was Zhou Bo Tong!! How could they choose him? Were they blind or something??!!

Other aspects

Oh, talk about other aspects now. First, the sceneries. Hmm..., I don't even want to mention this. Like usually, TVB only had their studios which designed to show the sceneries. I wouldn't give them any respect for this. Unlike CCTV, they had the real sceneries!! The breathtaking sceneries such as Peach Blossom Island and the desert of Mongolia. Very satisfied!!

The musics..., I didn't know about the music. Cause when I watched this series on my local TV channel, the opening theme had been changed into Indonesian, an the ending theme was just an instrumental. Heh, confusing....confusing.

The fighting scenes were okey. Hong Kong is wellknown as the best for fighting/action.

I read some reviews, and they said that TVB 94's LOCH was the most faithful adaptation!! Maybe they adapted word by word. CCTV's LOCH was even inferior to this LOCH 94. Alright, this is the good point of it.

My Conclusion

TVB 94's LOCH was a good adaptation, the most faithful, and had "some" good casts. When I watched this series, it was my favorite tv show! I never missed it even just one episode. For you who are Jin Yong fans, this is a very good adaptation. For you who are totally wuxia fans, this is NOT a very good wuxia series. For you who are both Jin Yong and wuxia fans, will be 50 - 50. 

Reviewed by RDAK




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