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The Main Characters


This is the section about four main characters in this series. Two couples actually. They have their own love story, and definitely hand an important roles.

Honestly, Huang Rong is my favorite character ever!! How can she have such a high IQ like that? She is so sweet and cute too. By the way, these are four main characters in LOCH 2003 which brought by great actors and actresses.


Guo Jing (played by Li Yapeng)

Guo Jing is such a green and stupid guy. Grows up in Mongolia, but still recognizes himself as a man of Song Dynasty. He is completely innocent, yet very brave and honest. Jin Yong had made a very lucky character here. Guo Jing, we all know his stupidity, suddenly can masters a lot of martial arts skills. First, he learns kungfu from Jiang Nan Seven Weirdoes, learns a high inner energy from Priest Ma Yu, learns the famous 18 Dragon Palms from Hong Qi Gong, learns the "right hand fights left hand" ...totally silly kungfu created by Zhou Bo Tong, and last....he learns the Jiu Yin Chen Ching!!! The manual which everyone wants to gain. He learns it accidentally, forced by Zhou Bo Tong. I think Jin Yong always did it on his every leading character. An usual person at the first time, then becomes a highly skills hero.

Four thumbs-up for Li Yapeng's performance here! I know, some people said that he portrayed Guo Jing too dumb.'s probably true. But, the good point of him is that he could act just like the real stupid and green guy!! I have to say that he has a VERY GOOD ACT TALENT. He seemingly can do different characters perfectly. From the smart and cheerful Linghu Chong in Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2001, he turned to be the stupid and green Guo Jing!! Honestly, I never knew about Li Yapeng before this. After watched LOCH 2003 and saw his acting, now I become his big fan. Click to see Li Yapeng's Profile Archives.


Huang Rong (played by Zhou Xun)

My favorite character!! I love her because she is so sweet, cheerful, lively, spoiled, and very very smart! Oh wait...I don't really like her spoiled behavior, quite annoying me. Even she is a little bit jealous to Hua Zheng, but she never does bad things that can hurt Hua Zheng. She still loves Guo Jing sincerely. She also knows that her father Huang Yao Shi, doesn't like this guy at the first time. So, she tries hard to make her father accept him.

As The East Evil's daughter comes from Peach Blossom Island, Huang Rong has a high skill in martial arts. Her skills even higher that Guo Jing's, but then it looks like their skills are equal because Guo Jing learns a lot of skills. Fortunately, Hong Qi Gong teaches her his best kungfu signifies her leadership of Gaibang Sect.

I never knew about Zhou Xun at all before I watched LOCH 2003, I never knew about her acting skills. When the first time I saw her in this series, I was impressed by her cute looks. I thought....oh, they have chosen the right actress to do Huang Rong's role. Just that, nothing else. However, more and more I watched LOCH 2003, my impression on Zhou Xun gets deeper and deeper. Now, I have to admit that she is a good actress. She has also  won many awards for her acting in some movies and series. INCREDIBLE!! Click to see Zhou Xun's Profile Archives.


Yang Kang (played by Zhou Jie)

    Yang Kang is a sly traitor of Song Dynasty!! An arrogant and egoist guy. After knew that he is not the Young Prince of Jin Dynasty, he won't let it go. He stays beside Wang Yan Hong Lie as his son, and acts like he never know about his real father Yang Tie Xin. He is crazy about power and wealth. He wants to be a successful man, but ignores the right way that he should choose. And the worst thing of him is....he becomes Mei Chao Feng's disciple!! He learns that White Bones Claw!! Yang Kang does a lot of bad things that disgusted me and I really wanna slap him!!! Oh, one good point of Yang Kang is that he is a loyal man. There's no girl in his life but Mu Nian Ci. He also puts a big respect on his mother Bao Xi Ruo. So sweet!

I saw Zhou Jie in Huan Zhu Ge Ge 1 & 2. He was a dashing and kind-hearted guy there. He had good performances in HZGG. But, when the first time I watched LOCH 2003 it was felt like....what??? Zhou Jie as Yang Kang?? He isn't handsome or something, like Yang Kang should be. However, his acting was not disappointing here. He could be the real Yang Kang if only he had a good-looking and charisma. Click to see Zhou Jie's Profile Archives.


Mu Nian Ci (played by Shui Ling)

  I'd like to say that she is the most poor main character in this series. She is an adopted daughter of Yang Tie Xin, falls in love with Yang Kang at the first sight. She has quite high skills in martial arts, but it doesn't change her resignation and kindness. Don't know how, but she can always trust Yang Kang while he never stops to cheat her! Although their love is strong without anybody between them, but still...I hate the way Yang Kang tells falsehood to Mu Nian Ci. Mu Nian Ci can always believe him, yet she also feels disappointed caused by Yang Kang's Jin status. She hopes he can accept his real father. And what does she get? NOTHING!! She never stops trying to understand him, even it is very difficult for her. Her love to Yang Kang makes her stay beside him and accept every condition. And she doesn't forget to remind him that he is the man of Song, not Jin! Hmm...., this is my favorite part. If you love someone, you have to direct him to the right way. 

I'm very glad to see my favorite actress in this series. I never doubt her acting skills. By the way, after watched some series of her with different characters, I believe that Shui Ling really has a good acting skill. Just compare her performances in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and in LOCH 2003. You will find that she can do both characters very well.  Click to see Shui Ling's Profile Archives.




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